Budget Sewing- Tools & Hacks from the Dollar Store

Posted by Ricardo Patrocínio on

This video is about sewing tools and hacks from the dollar store. If you are a beginner sewer or a sewer on a budget, check these dollar store hauls.


Credits: Just Get it Done Quilts YouTube Channel.

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  • Love your video but can’t see a subscribe button

    Mary on
  • They also carry larger zipping bags with handle slops. Not only holds fabric and pattern, but is large enough to hold the backing, too for our Quilts of Valor. So we give the bag to the long arm quilter, who adds the batting and it still fits in the bag

    Barbara Winkler on
  • Glad Press n’ Seal (or the generic) also makes a good substitute for something grippy on the bottom of a ruler (much like the first aid tape you mentioned here, but without occasionally sticky residue). You can see through it just enough and you can apply it to the whole underside of your ruler and then just rotary cut the excess off. I love this hack!

    Kelly A Fox on
  • Love the tools from the dollar store, will have to shop

    Barb on
  • Great ideas. A couple I would have never thought of. Thank you

    Marge on

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