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Ricardo Patrocinio and Marbelia Fernandes' journey is a true testament to entrepreneurial spirit and family values. Hailing from Portugal, this couple, along with their daughters Sara and Rita, embarked on a business venture that evolved with time and passion.

In 2016, Ricardo and Marbelia entered the world of e-commerce by selling USB pens online. However, it was in 2018 that they discovered their true calling – the world of quilting and fabric. They founded The Fabric Hut, pivoting their business model to cater to the vibrant and passionate quilting community. This move wasn't just a change in products; it was an alignment with their core values and interests, mirroring the passion their customers had for quilting.

Their entrepreneurial journey is intertwined with a deep appreciation for their customers. Ricardo and Marbelia understand the importance of customer support, acknowledging that their success hinges on the trust and loyalty of their clientele. This ethos is reflected in their approach to business – they run a small family operation that prioritizes close relationships with their customers, a value echoed throughout their business practices.

One of their most successful endeavors is their daily newsletter, which reaches over 120,000 subscribers. Each newsletter contains not only information about quilting but also personal messages from Ricardo and Marbelia, fostering a sense of community and connection.

The crowning jewel of their product line is their titanium-coated blades, which have sold over 100,000 units. These blades have made a significant mark in the quilting community, often regarded as superior to competitors like OLFA Endurance blades and FISKARS titanium-coated blades. This acclaim is a testament to the quality of their products and the understanding they have of their customers' needs.

The story of Ricardo and Marbelia is one of passion, dedication, and a deep-rooted belief in the power of community and entrepreneurship. Their journey from selling USB pens to becoming a beloved name in the quilting world is an inspiring tale of adaptability, hard work, and the importance of family and community in the world of business.

The story of Ricardo Patrocinio and Marbelia Fernandes is further enriched by their strategic expansion and global reach. Initially based in Portugal, they have since extended their operations significantly. Their office is now located in Delaware, a strategic choice that positions them well for business growth in the United States.

The expansion of The Fabric Hut is not just limited to their office location. They have astutely set up warehouses across the USA, Canada, and Australia, illustrating their global vision and commitment to making their products accessible to a wider audience. This network of warehouses ensures that their flagship product, the titanium-coated blades, along with their other fabric and quilting supplies, are readily available to their passionate community of quilters worldwide.

This geographical expansion reflects the dynamic nature of their business and their understanding of the global market. By establishing a presence in key locations, they not only cater to a larger customer base but also streamline their distribution and logistics, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Ricardo and Marbelia’s journey, from starting an online business selling USB pens in Portugal to running a successful international enterprise in the quilting and fabric industry, is a testament to their adaptability, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to their customers. Their ability to connect with their customers on a personal level through their daily newsletters, coupled with their strategic business decisions, has solidified The Fabric Hut's position as a trusted and beloved brand in the quilting community.

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