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How To Be A Quilter On A Shoestring Budget

How To Be A Quilter On A Shoestring Budget

Today I got a message from Janis, a Fabric Hut customer saying

"I am on a fixed income and I’m new to quilting...

... I am finding a new hobby and one I love, and I’m finding it a little expensive for me.

This being said, I won’t give up on my new hobby, I will just have to watch what I get and do the best I can.

Thank you for your kindness. If not for people like you making the tools possible it would be harder for me and others."

And I completely understand that quilting can get quite expensive, the other day I entered a quilting shop and they had these 15 fat quarter bundles on sale for $42.98, that is more than $2.50 per fat quarter.

And a single rotary blade can cost as much as $10.

When you sum everything up, a finished quilt can become quite expensive, not to mention the time invest in making it.

But quilting does not need to be that expensive, you need to look out for great deals and grab them once you spot them.

If you take a look at our website you will find many of those deals, just look for the label that says Hot Deal.

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