Quilting Magic with Scraps: Kimberly's DIY Scrappy Quilt Adventure! | Fat Quarter Shop

Posted by Ricardo Patrocínio on

Join us as we explore the art of crumb quilting with Kimberly from Fat Quarter Shop! In this exciting video, Kimberly shares her passion and expertise in quilting, guiding us through a creative journey to transform fabric scraps into a beautiful crumb quilt.

Kimberly, known for her skillful and imaginative approach, welcomes us into her studio, a place where fabric scraps become the stars of the show. She introduces us to "Scrappy By Number," a project that not only clears out your scrap bins but also turns them into a stunning quilt, full of colors, patterns, and memories.

This video is a treasure trove for quilters of all levels. Kimberly walks us through the process of selecting, cutting, and combining fabric scraps of various sizes. She demonstrates how to make different sized blocks, each adding its unique charm to the quilt. From organizing your scraps to assembling the final quilt, Kimberly's detailed guidance and practical tips ensure a smooth and enjoyable quilting experience.

Whether you are a veteran quilter or just discovering the joy of quilting, Kimberly's enthusiasm and clear instructions make this project an inspiring and enjoyable undertaking. So gather your fabric scraps and join Kimberly in crafting a one-of-a-kind crumb quilt that celebrates the beauty of repurposing and creativity.

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