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Weekly Quilting Digest - January 21 - 27

Weekly Quilting Digest - January 21 - 27

We compiled a list of the 5 best quilting articles we found online during this week. Do you have some favorites of your own? Let us know in the comments.

Quilting a legacy

Stitch by stitch, a New Haven woman has kept the memory of her late husband alive by weaving his clothes into elaborate quilts. Channel 3's Christina Guessferd sat down with Linda Sweeney about how she's using a needle and thread to continue his legacy.

Top 3 automated quilting software to master quilting in no time

The automated quilting software are intuitive tools that allow you to design quilt designs by using built-in patterns or by scanning pictures for inspiration. But the primary objective of an automated quilting software is to handle the quilting process automatically.

Bee Inclined Quilters | A passion that benefits others

There has been a long tradition of quilting in the United States when early settlers couldn’t afford to throw used blankets or fabric away and used them to make patchwork quilts. Centuries later, a group of modern quilters is keeping this art alive and giving back to the community.

Community quilt project is ‘fun stress-reliever’ for Mennonite college

A library might seem like an unusual place for quilting, but this particular quilt is a truly grassroots community project — students, staff and faculty work on it during lunch and study breaks.

Malden woman stitches together a quilt of Patriots championship shirts

A Malden woman is getting ready for the Super Bowl by stitching together her own good luck charm.

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