Budget Sewing- Tools & Hacks from the Dollar Store

Posted by Ricardo Patrocínio on

This video is about sewing tools and hacks from the dollar store. If you are a beginner sewer or a sewer on a budget, check these dollar store hauls.


Credits: Just Get it Done Quilts YouTube Channel.

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  • Boy do we need your dollar stores in UK. We have third rate ones here in the UK.

    Ro Rainbird on
  • Great ideas! I spend a lot of my time chasing my foot pedal. And my rulers inevitably slip no matter how I try to hold in place. Thanks so much.

    Diana Nesbitt on
  • Love your Dollar store video and suggestions. You might also consider doing one for Harbor Freight stores. I love finding sewing notions there. Magnetic parts trays work great for pins, picks and hooks work wonderfully to get bird birdnests of thread. Also telescoping Magnetic pickup. If you have a store locally, it’s worth a visit to see what has cross purposes.

    Claire Crane on

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