Your First Quilt - Beginner Tutorial

Posted by Ricardo Patrocínio on

Welcome to the Your First Quilt Series! I hope video series inspires you to make your first quilt and then make many quilts for you and your family to enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

My favorite supplies:

45mm Titanium coated blades + Rotary cutter:

45mm Pinking blades

45mm Titanium coated blades

60mm Titanium coated blades

Quilting clips

Presser foot set

Sewing bias tape maker

Wool pressing mat

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  • Do you recommend any special type of soap to launder the quilt? I have seen special quilt liquid soap in the quilt shop and wondered if it is necessary to use special detergent or liquid soap. I want to protect the fiber and help the quilt last longer.

    Kathryn Henry on
  • This was very helpful, thank you look forward to seeing more videos as im new at quilting and want to lean more. Thank you soo much. Carolyn Swisher

    Carolyn Swisher on
  • I really loved the videos. They were very clear and concise to where nobody could have misunderstood any material. I will continue to watch for more content in the future. I would really LOVE to see how someone starts quilting on a domestic machine.

    Winona Mixen on

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