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Jelly Roll Race! A Quilt Top in Less Than an Hour!

Jelly Roll Race! A Quilt Top in Less Than an Hour!

Get Set! Go!

In this video, Jenny teaches viewers how to create a beautiful and timeless quilt using a jelly roll that is not only easy to do, but also, actually quite fun!

Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company is a spectacular hostess and quilt specialist who shows viewers exactly how to create a jelly roll quilt, in an easy to follow tutorial, along with simple step-by-step directions.

Always lively and entertaining, Jenny goes through the tutorial right along with the viewer, allowing time for each step to be completed. She also intersperses fun little stories along the way, which only adds to the quality of the entire video instruction as a whole.

The result is an educational jelly roll race tutorial that is not only easy to follow, but exciting and fun to watch and learn with as well.

Jenny is truly the perfect hostess for this tutorial, because not only does she love quilt-making, as is quite evident, as she does it quite well, but she is also a fantastic teacher!

Towards the beginning of the video, she shows examples of gorgeous quilts by name, which gives the viewers an idea of what the jelly roll race is all about. She then goes through the tutorial at the perfect pace, and with the right amount of explanations along the way.

The best part of this tutorial really has to be that it is not overly complicated for even a beginner to create a quilt all of their very own, since the directions are extremely easy to follow along with.

Jenny gives all the in’s and out’s to what the viewer will need in order to make a wonderful quilt in a quick and enjoyable way, and the result is a video that is never boring and extremely informative!


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